What Are The Duties Are Characteristics Of A Good Creative Writer?


A creative writer is someone who produces literary works, like magazine articles, poetry, essays, short stories, and novels. Creative writers may also write scripts for films, theater, television, and radio.

Tasks and Duties of a Creative Writer

In general, these are the basic tasks of a creative writer:

  • Do a research on identical publications like magazines where they may want to submit their work.
  • Write, edit, and rewrite their work until the editors and they themselves are satisfied.
  • Obtain and maintain contact with the right producers or publishers.
  • Advertise their very own work.
  • Transact royalties and fees.
  • Work with illustrators or graphic artists on the subject of graphic designs and book covers.

More often than not, creative writers finish their work first before they go out and search for a publisher. But there are also some who prefer to have an assistant or an agent look for a publisher even while they are still in the process of finishing their novels or any work. For some creative writers, it is actually better to publish their own work on the internet using their own or a variety of websites. But in order for their work to be considered for publication, a certain standard of writing should be satisfied.

Personal Traits of a Good Creative Writer

As a creative writer, it should be easy and natural to express your ideas in a very unique and creative way. It is also important that they know and feel comfortable with their own area of interest. Since writing would require knowledge of other details and facts, creative writers have to have outstanding research and analytical skills. Good interviewing skills are also a must. Writers would also work on their own most of the time, so they should have self discipline to make sure they meet their deadlines. Interpersonal and communication skills will also be very important as writers need to research markets as well as approach publishers to market their work.

It is often a challenge for creative writers how they would be able to stick to their own principles and style of writing. There will be a lot of things that may affect the way they think and the way they create their work. With that being said, it is crucial that a creative writer have the flexibility to somehow adapt to certain influences of the real world in how they write and market their work.

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