Are Accelerated Online Degree Programs Harder?


In the U.S., a person can establish himself in the work force without earning a college degree. Times have changed. In order to get ahead in your career, a college degree is needed. Now, you are already working and do not want to leave your job because you want to complete your college degree. There is a great solution to this situation and that is getting an online accelerated program instead.

Online education is not new and thousands of people are already benefiting from online education. This is because online degrees are more convenient and it has given students the option to study in a different manner. Students can work and study at the same time and at their own pace. Hence, someone who is already working no longer needs to sacrifice his work just to complete his college degree.

Why accelerated online programs? What makes them different from regular online degrees? From the term itself, you should have an idea that accelerated degree programs can be completed faster. Accelerated degree programs shorten a bachelor’s degree but the coursework is exactly the same. For instance, a degree on BSN or Bachelors of Science in Nursing will take 4 years to complete. With an accelerated nursing degree, it is possible to completed in just 2 years.

It can be true to say, that an accelerated nursing degree is indeed harder because students have to double their effort in finishing their degree early. Nonetheless, it is more important to point out that the hard work will be greatly rewarded once you complete your degree earlier than others do. Why? This will enable you to get a jumpstart at your career and you can start it early. By the time, BSN students have graduated, you already have a 2-year lead experience over them. In the healthcare industry, experience counts a lot.

Not only that, the challenging accelerated nursing degree is rewarding and satisfying because you can start your master’s degree earlier too. The 2 years lead you have over the others enables you to enroll in a master’s degree and completing it earlier too. By the time other nurses are gathering their experience, you are already on your way to being promoted for higher-level jobs.

Accelerated online programs may be harder because the 4-years program is compressed into a shorter program. But if you think about the benefits of completing your degree early, the difficulty should not be a problem. After all, the rewards are great for your career.

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