Is It Possible To Get An Information Technology Degree Online?

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There has been an increased in demand for competent Information Technology or IT experts or professionals over the past years. This is because of the dependency of humans into technology especially on computers. With the establishment of e-commerce and other computer dependent businesses that depend hugely on the computer for their success, more job openings […]

Accounting Jobs Are Overflowing – This Is A Career For You

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It is a common fact that accounting jobs are one of the most popular jobs in the finance field. If you are someone who likes working your magic with numbers, an accounting job should suit you well. Even though there is a slump in the economy today, the accounting employment is booming. Accounting jobs are […]

Top 10 Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees For 2010

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Highest Paying Degrees 2010The latest list of the Top 10 Degrees With The Highest Starting Salaries has just been released by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. This year sees a change from the usual Business, Accounting and Finance related degrees making way for degrees that will land you a job in the booming resource sector. The good news is though that overall, starting salaries are slightly higher than they were last year. So what degrees made the list?