Are Accelerated Online Degree Programs Harder?

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In the U.S., a person can establish himself in the work force without earning a college degree. Times have changed. In order to get ahead in your career, a college degree is needed. Now, you are already working and do not want to leave your job because you want to complete your college degree. There […]

Why Accelerated Online Degrees Are Such A Wise Choice For Tech Savy College Students

accelerated-degree-6The United States Census Bureau reports that 28% of American adults over 25 have earned a bachelor’s degree. That degree has a big impact on their financial futures. People with bachelor’s degrees earn twice as much per year as their high school graduate counterparts. A master’s degree pays off even more, earning $1.3 million more over a lifetime compared to a high school graduate. Getting a college degree is much easier than it was 15 or 20 years ago. The Internet has made it possible for colleges and universities to offer their programs online. Some of these programs, the accelerated online degrees, enable the student to complete a degree in a very short period of time.