Online PhD Programs

Online PhD programs are becoming more popular than ever. With so many added responsibilities, pursuing online PhD courses can allow you to earn a PhD without sacrificing your career or family.

Why You Should Consider Doing an Online PhD Program

PhD stands for doctorate of philosophy degree. PhD is a post-graduate degree that takes four to eight years to earn beyond a bachelor’s degree and the highest academic credential that is possible to earn. Only 1 in 100 Americans have completed a PhD enabeling them to be referenced as a Doctor which is just one of the reasons having a PhD comands so much respect.

In the past PhD students had to treat a PhD program as a full time job. Working another full time job would take away too much time and energy from earning the PhD. Today there are many people earning PhDs while working a full time job. With the emergence of online PhD programs students can now earn a PhD full time or part time without having to miss a paycheck.

Online PhD programs give the student a lot of flexibility in their studies. Students who take online PhD courses are still able to provide for their families and attend to other responsibilities. Attending a part time program will take longer to earn, but the end result will be the same.

A PhD can give you the prestige you seek. It allows you to be seen as an expert in your field. As an expert in your field you may be invited to speak at conferences or to do consulting work depending on your area of expertise. PhDs are a must have for most full time teaching positions at well known colleges and universities. Some people simply want to be able to teach in a community college setting part time. A master’s degree is usually the requirement for that, but having a PhD will put you ahead of the competition.

Some fields will offer more opportunities for a PhD holder than others. Those who pursue careers in the science and healthcare fields will most likely find more opportunities than those in the liberal arts fields, however one should not let that stop them from pursuing a PhD if one desires. In addition to be being a nice addition to a resume, earning a PhD can also fulfill a personal goal. Some people simply want to prove to themselves that they can earn the degree. Or perhaps they are simply interested in the topic enough to complete a PhD in it.

There are a lot of reputable online PhD programs available. Below is a list of regionally accredited universities that offer such programs. Programs are available in psychology, human services, criminal justice, business, healthcare, education and more.

• Capella University
• Walden University
• Nova Southeastern University
• University of Phoenix
• Argosy University Online
• Fielding Graduate University
• Saybrook Graduate School
• TUI University

Online PhD programs are truly the way to earn a PhD in this busy time. Attending classes online saves on gas and commute time. It can also be less expensive than attending a traditional PhD program. It is also important to note that doctorates come in other forms than the PhD. Other types of doctorates are: the PsyD, which is a doctorate of psychology; the EdD, which is a doctorate of education; and a DBA, which is a doctorate of business administration. Regardless of which doctorate you pursue, you can be assured that you are in for an exciting challenge.