He Didn’t Go To A Single Lecture But Still Got An Honors Degree


He Didn’t Go To A Single Lecture But Still Got An Honors Degree

It kind of annoyed me at first, because while I was getting up and going to College on a daily basis one of my good friends was sleeping in almost every day, playing sport when it suited him and just generally living to his own timetable. Not that he was a slacker at all, he actually did quite well in school, but when it came to college, he just didn’t seem that interested in molding his life around college timetables for the next four years. At the time, I just thought he was lazy, but did kind of envy the freedom he had while I was tied to my college timetable.

You can imagine my surprise when he asked me to come to his graduation, especially when I still had a year to go on my degree. Then to top things off, he graduated with first class honors. I couldn’t believe it, how could this be? I had never even seen him at college.

Well after the Ceremony I confronted him and asked how he had managed to do it. He told me that when he finished secondary school he enrolled into an online degree program. This online program enabled him to do his entire degree over the internet, without ever having to show up for a lecture. He was watching the lectures and taking his classes online in between his social life and other responsibilities. He said he was doing most of his study at night, because being a night person that is when his concentration was at its peak. This was one of the main reasons he chose to do his degree online rather than on campus like most students do.

Another major drawcard for him was the chance to complete his degree in a shorter time than is possible with a conventional degree. He enrolled into an accelerated degree program which basically lets you move through the coursework as quickly as you are willing to learn. When he first started, he wanted to finish his degree in two years, half the time it would take normally. But he decided his lifestyle had to come first, as that was why he chose an online education in the first place. In the end it took him three years, he cut twelve months of the normal time it would take to get the degree, and not only that, he finished with 1st Class Honors. After hearing the full story I was quite impressed.

I was pretty taken back after hearing this and was certainly questioning why i had not considered an online degree myself. It just didn’t cross my mind. If I had my time over again I’m not sure I would have made the same choice. There was some other benefits to what he did also, and a couple techniques he used which made getting his degree even quicker and easier.



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  1. Certainly, an online degree does have it’s benefits such as accelerated lerning and a flexible timetable like you say, but i can’t help feeling that those that choose online degrees are missing out on the experiences that university life has to offer.

  2. yonobae says:

    Fascinating. Thanks for informing me of this. This is very useful.

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