A Brief History Of Online Education


With almost all kinds of transactions and activities, which involve the internet and computers, it is quite hard to imagine a life with none of these things today. Not only individual people benefited from these technologies but also companies, various institutions, and businesses greatly benefited from the emergence of computer and internet technology. People from various places around the world were able to communicate, socialize, share ideas and information, and even create income through the online market.

Aside from these things, one of the great benefits of the emergence of internet is the development of online education. Various companies in the United States have used computer-based training and lessons in the early 1980s in providing training for their employees. However, due to limited technology during that time, only few companies ventured into this type of training method. With the advent of internet technology in the 1990s, computer and internet-based trainings have greatly evolved leading to other greater developments with the use of internet, which is the online education.

Schools started offering a full online curriculum in the 1990s. With the emergence of World Wide Web in the 1990s, various schools integrated the internet into their computer-based curriculum and courses offering online education for high school and college. After the success of some schools with their online curriculum, more schools, and colleges followed the trend and developed their own online education courses and degree programs. No wonder due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency many individuals are revering it.

Compared to the learning methods today, online courses before also faced limited technologies wherein instructors prepare lectures and modules for online students and make them available online for the students to easily access via the internet. However, most of the learning materials used before are only in text forms. Some may have few images but have poor quality. Homework or assignments are being submitted by printing their work and mailing them to their instructors.

From the first introduction of the internet and World Wide Web up to these recent years, the internet technology rapidly developed leading to the innovation and developments of other great technologies like emails, webcams, video calls, chat, and even live feeds making live online classroom possible today. With these technologies, students from various places can now attend classes from online schools. Online education defied the problems and limitations caused by distance and made education more accessible and available to everyone.

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