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Getting the top ten most popular online degree programs has never been so clear. All of these online programs reflect the jobs in demand in today’s market. Over the next ten years these jobs will be in high demand. Getting a major in one of these top ten programs will almost guarantee a job after graduation. The online graduates of business administration, depending on if you have a bachelors or a master’s degree, can enjoy success as a financial analyst, a marketing manager or an investment banker just to name of few.

Business Administration is by far the most popular and desired online degree. A business administration degree prepares you for many types of management positions. You can get an online bachelors degree in business administration (BA), a masters degree in business administration (MBA), or even a certificate in business administration for the most basic of business concepts and practices just to name a few.

Engineering online degrees are the number 2 most popular of the online programs available. Engineering has 17 main divisions and there are 1.2 million jobs that are currently held by engineers in the United States. A master’s degree in engineering is highly sought after by employers in today’s marketplace. A bachelors in engineering will secure employment for an individual in an entry level engineering position.

Computer Science online degrees have, and will continue to be in high demand with today’s employers. The digital revolution provides many, many opportunities for today’s graduates in computer science. After completing on online degree in computers science some of the jobs available are: programming, design interface, and hardware development.

Nursing and other fields in the health arena are an hugely popular now and will continue to significantly grow in the future. An (RN) or registered nurse will attain an online bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) or an online master’s degree in nursing (MSN).

Education students that are interested in entry level teaching positions typically complete their online bachelor’s degrees in education (BA). Those teachers wishing to secure education positions in counseling or administration will need to get their online master’s degrees in education (MA or MS).

Criminal Justice is another career that is in high demand. Criminal justice majors prepare for jobs that enforce state and federal laws. An entry level position in criminal justices requires an associates degree, while higher paying positions usually require a bachelor’s degree (BA). Lawyers that are highly motivated will receive an undergraduate degree in criminal justice before enrolling in law school to receive their Juris Doctorate degree (JD).

Accounting jobs are constantly in demand. Every single business needs an accountant so it is definitely a job with a future. If you like to crunch numbers, an online accounting degree is the position for you. If you want to jump start your career and secure an entry level position you can receive an associates degree. To secure higher paying positions in the accounting field you will need online bachelors (BA or BS) or master’s degree in accounting. The highest level jobs in accounting will probably require you to be a certified public accountant (CPA).

Online Psychology majors examine both the human and animal minds and how it affects behavior. To have your own practice in psychology where you treat patients, you must pursue at the minimum an online master’s degree, or ideally, a Ph.D. To jump start your career as soon as possible you can get an online bachelors degree in psychology and pursue a job as a Psychologist’s assistant.

Graphic Design is another growing profession that requires a bachelor’s degree to design computer based images, websites and computer software programs. This field is for creative people with a technical background. Folks with just an online associates degree in graphic design can peruse a position to assist a graphic designer.

Healthcare Administration is health related field that continues to have a very high demand for workers. More job opportunities and higher salaries are awarded to online bachelors (BA) or online masters degrees (MHA) in healthcare administration.

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