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Online college programs allow students to better juggle full-time work and family responsibilities with college studies, and online programs resulting in a degree are reportedly gaining acceptance among employers. And employees who work for companies that offer tuition assistance might consider improving their credentials by applying the benefit toward online degree programs.

Students enrolled in online degree programs can schedule studies between work and family responsibilities, pretty much accessing their coursework from wherever a computer with Internet connection can be accessed. Students participating in college studies online might also enhance technology skills that are becoming increasingly important in this information age, reports suggest. If you need more information about online college degree programs, look on the internet.

Online college enrollment has reportedly been rising substantially, the number and variety of degree programs are growing fast, and employers these days more greatly appreciate online degrees. The results of a Society for Human Resources Management study released in 2009 cited that employers view online degrees from accredited institutions more favorably than they did five years prior. And the majority of these employers reported that they extend the same tuition reimbursement for online college classes as they do classes at bricks and mortar institutions.

Many experts agree that earning a college degree help people become more marketable and increase their earnings. At least one report suggests that company benefits such as tuition reimbursement are becoming among the most sought after opportunities. And some employers might see employees working toward an online degree as being motivated and driven. These employees might, as a result, enjoy greater job security.

Working adults with access to tuition reimbursement benefits might also consider a recent Wall Street Journal report. The report, published in April, noted that company cutbacks in a tough economy include eliminating tuition assistance across the board and particularly at the graduate level.

Still, other companies such as Google, are reportedly beginning to require continued education as a means of keeping employees up-to-date. The popular search engine company is one of several that are spending $95,000 to send employees with master’s degrees to an executive doctorate in business program in Georgia that can help students solve complex business problems, an April report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted. There is an abundance of information about accredited online university on the web.

Adults might also consider continuing their education as a means of staying competitive in a tight job market. The government has reportedly been enhancing incentives intended to help men and women to continue their education, and displaced workers are reportedly investing the time in college online and otherwise. Some students are said to be participating in college programs that can help fill a need, such as in health care. And the Obama administration, along with businesses and state governments, are reportedly working to enhance programs and incentives in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subject areas, where industries are said to have a demand for qualified employees.

In Indiana, a factory worker who found herself unemployed enrolled in college online programs and landed a new job, where with her distance learning degree she expects to continue studies and apply the company’s tuition reimbursement benefit.


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