Online Degree Programs in Respiratory Therapy


Respiratory therapy is the field in medical care that helps patients suffering from heart or lung (cardiopulmonary) diseases and different sorts of breathing difficulties. A respiratory therapist has the responsibility of assessing, treating, and monitoring the needs and progress of these patients.

Online Degrees in Respiratory Therapy

Although clinical experience is a crucial requirement for the respiratory therapy course, there are online degree programs offered in this field. As a matter of fact, there is a significant increase in the number of people interested in such programs, especially among employed healthcare service providers. These online programs are meant to give students with clinical experience advanced administrative and theoretical knowledge in respiratory therapy technology. But of course, inexperienced individuals are also eligible for this degree, and they can use it to successfully pass certification exams.

Associate’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy

It normally takes two years to complete an online associate’s degree in respiratory therapy. In this program, students are prepared to pass the CRT exam. It also requires fieldwork, but this is not a cause of concern for online students as clinical training can be arranged with local medical facilities.

The basic courses for admission to an associate’s degree include general education courses, like psychology, public speaking, English composition, and college algebra. These subjects are aimed at giving students a well rounded training and education that they will need in their professions later on.

Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapy

Normally, a bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy is suitable for those healthcare workers who already have an advanced certification or even an associate’s degree. They may use this degree in order to be qualified for careers in advanced respiratory therapy.

Normally, it requires four years to complete an online bachelor’s degree in this field, but this can still be shortened especially for those who have advanced clinical experience already or an associate degree. These online programs are also perfect for those who need to balance their time between their current professions and schooling.

In a bachelor’s degree program, the courses are focused on math and science. The required courses are college level math, pharmacology, physics, chemistry, physiology, and anatomy. The main courses dealing with respiratory therapy teach students on the use of various respiratory therapy equipment, diagnostic testing, as well as CPR.

There are also advanced degrees available in respiratory therapy, but these are less common that the associate and bachelor’s degrees. Those who choose to earn graduate level degrees are looking to work in the field of education, health administration, and even business.

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