The PROs And CONs Of Getting An Online Degree


You’ve worked hard in your current position, but you feel like you’re stuck. You talk to the newer hires and realize that you don’t necessarily understand what they’re talking about. You’ve been considering getting that MBA, but you know you can leave your position. Consider an online degree, and go over the following points carefully.

PRO: Geography does not limit getting an Online Degree

You’ve just gotten the hang of the internet, and you like how it’s made speaking with your foreign partners just so much easier. Now think of that in terms of going to school. You don’t have to leave your job to go to that specialist school in Asia or Europe, just inquire if they have an open university or an online component. Don’t be surprised to find that tuition fees are considerably lower because you aren’t paying for overhead expenses than studying on-campus would entail.

CON: You Don’t Want Your Online Degree to Just Come From Anywhere

It is easier to pretend to be someone else on the internet so a diploma mill could easily masquerade as a reputable institution. So make sure to review an online degree program’s accreditation. It always helps to do research and actually make calls! You could begin with schools you’re already familiar with and determine whether or not they have an online degree program. Some time spent being vigilant about a school or program’s veracity could save you time explaining a faux degree to your boss or even more importantly, could ensure that your own time and money are well spent.

PRO: With an Online Degree, You’re On Your Own Clock

An online degree program is targeted towards those who are already working so flexibility is highly valued. Instruction, research, testing, paper and projects are ordered so that you can fulfill them within a reasonable time period. With flexibility though comes the need for self-discipline and self-motivation, you answer to yourself here not to an exacting teacher.

CON: An Online Degree has no classroom

There are no classrooms in an online degree program which is excellent for you. But you do miss out on a valuable part of on-campus instruction, the interaction with professors and your classmates. It’s not only a matter of the missed connections or networking, but missing out on what you may gain from collaborating and exchanging ideas with them. So take advantage of opportunities to do so through message boards and forums.

Real commitment is important when you pursue an online degree, but there are definite gains in pursuing it. So are you interested? Is an online degree for you? Add to the conversation below, especially if you’re currently enrolled in an online degree program. Your insights and personal experience will prove to be invaluable.

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