The IMac Is The Number One Computer Of 2010


The Apple iMac was voted the best computer of 2010 by many reviews and rightfully so. Their newest model didn’t make any revolutionary changes since their 2009 model was pretty much flawless. They’re the fastest, most reliable and easiest computers to use. The 2010 model continues to live by all these assets.

Apple knows that not everyone wants the same options, so they offer excellent upgrades. This computer already comes pretty stacked, but if you need more power, features or speed this can all be done. Considering everything they offer in their basic model, it should do the job for most people.

Most people are under the impression that Macs are more expensive than most other options. The iMac actually is pretty comparable to much of their competition. There are definitely less expensive options out there, but its price is comparable to most PCs using Windows. In fact, the iMacs performance will easily make up for those extra dollars spent.

This new iMac is an all in one computer. All you’ll need is their sharp looking screen. This doesn’t ask for a large amount of space. All you need is a space to fit the screen! No more cables, only the power cord! This iMac even comes with a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard.

This 21.5 inch screen is gorgeous and doesn’t compare to any competition. They’ve made the entire screen from edge to edge a display of glass which is almost completely effective for viewing. The pixel resolution consists of 1920 x 1080 HD display and also includes LED backlighting.

Included in this iMac is plenty of power; it comes equipped with a 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. This can be increased up to 3.33GHz, which is extremely powerful. 4GB of Ram are also included, but that can upgrade to 8MB. The other option for those of you who want the works is in the 27 inch screen. This monitor can upgrade up to 16GB.

There’s more technology that’s built into this computer. They’ve included one of the fastest Wi-Fi connections possible in addition to their Bluetooth features built in. The Bluetooth is built in so the keyboard and mouse can operate.

There aren’t many complaints about this computer, but the warranty can be a bit better. It’s a limited one year warranty and they’ll only give you 90 days of free phone support. For an additional $169, you can increase this coverage to three years.

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