Students Enjoy The Social Benefits Of Traditional Colleges While Online


People taking online masters degree program have plenty of challenges mustering the stamina to get through an academic year. Besides their courses, they have to maintain a working computer and related hardware, a place to study in comfort and make sure to get their courses and tests done in a timely and accurate manner. Yet sometimes these virtual underclassmen also feel totally isolated because they are used to being surrounded by fellow classmates going through the same pressures they are. Working for an on line college degree has all the same pressures as one on campus.

Actually, far from being isolated, online students are immersed in campus culture. Freshmen just don’t know it. For instance, one way online colleges have gotten around this is make sure students have contact with their professors. This is causing an interesting phenomenon. Teachers have said they have more contact with their online students than with their on-campus counterparts.

If one needs further proof, consider this. The volume of e-mail messages between online teachers and their students have been measured to be as much as five to six per day. Students also spend a considerable amount of time on group message boards and chat rooms with their fellow classmates. It’s an environment that’s actually nurtured by the institutes of learning as it’s also been proven to give their student body a leg up on their brick and mortar competition.

Because of the lack of the interpersonal cues of face-to-face contact, online students tend to text with their professors. Interestingly, many online students wind up with more feedback from the teachers than the traditional approach of standing in line outside the professor’s door during pre-set office hours.

This emphasis on electronic communication has made many students be more productive than the on campus contemporaries. There is anecdotal evidence of heavy debate between several classmates – with the debaters actually both located in the same building; sometimes even in the same room.

The teachers are enjoying some other interesting perks. One teacher at a Montana university said the online classes she taught in the past eight years often included a mix of students from foreign countries as far away as Japan and Egypt to a dormitory right on campus.

An increasing number of students now understand college degree use the same books, lectures, notes and teachers as physical classes. The only difference is not having to commute. In turn, as more and more students grow up using computers, they in turn have been choosing online classes simply because they are totally comfortable with electronic modes of communication. They enjoy the greater freedom having online classes conform to their schedules provides, particularly working students who can attend only around his or her job.

There are other benefits for the professors, too. One, who meets with his students solely online, doesn’t live on or near his campus at all. At that college in Montana, another educator moved to New York to have better access to materials in his personal field of research. A third made some minor headlines as a part-time solider deployed to Iraq. Due to the capabilities of online education platforms, all these teachers continued to teach their classes from afar. One shouldn’t be surprised if this trend actually grows over the years.

More and more students are finding that an on line college degree gives them the flexibility they need to combine education and experience. They get all the benefits of attending a class, including more “face” time with professors, and this makes earning online associates degrees through PhD’s work in their lives.

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