What Do Students Of Online Women’s Studies Degree Programs Study?


Women’s studies can be generally considered as part of liberal arts. A degree in women’s studies helps students gain more understanding of the significant ways women have played a role in the society and in history as a whole. While it is true that degree programs in women’s studies can differ greatly from one university to another in terms of curriculum, there are certain courses that are common among them.

Women’s Health

Students of women’s studies learn about the basic aspects of the female body and biology, but they are more concerned about the consistently politicize health nature of women around the world. Given the fact that religious leaders and governments are almost always the ones that determine the types of medical treatment women can get, students get to learn the many reasons for these standards. They also try to figure out ways that women can challenge these standards.

Women’s History Around the World

Not all of the major accomplishments of women have been written in history books. An important part of women’s studies is the discovery of all the evidences of how influential women have changed certain events in history. It is important for students also to find out why such efforts and achievements were never documented.

Women In Literature

There have definitely been a lot of contributions that women made in culture and the arts. This is particularly true for societies in which women were not allowed to participate in business and political events or transactions. For serious women’s studies majors, learning about and acknowledging the accomplishments of these women can help in their own efforts to make their own contribution to the society in general.

Women In Politics

As we all may be aware of, it is only in recent decades that women were welcomed into the world of politics. Women’s studies students look into the many different ways that women have played a role in politics or governance throughout history. More often than not, women in the past were discovered to be very influential in the decision making and policy implementation of men who were in power. Students also get to learn the role of women in the changing of social behaviors and laws.

Sociology of Women

As part also of a curriculum in women’s studies, students find out about the many ways women deal with men and fellow women. Through their knowledge of how men and women treat one another, students are able to better their own relationships with people they interact with.

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