Important Skills You May Develop Though a Degree in Women’s Studies


With the arts and humanities being used as the launch pad for a career in women’s studies, these degree programs are all about knowing the various factors that may have an impact on the lives of women. Students of women’s studies degree programs look into the way women can make a difference in a certain country and the entire world. These students also gain knowledge on how cultural and social influenced have helped shape the roles and the lives of women throughout history.

In terms of the instruction and training provided for students of women’s studies program, such courses are now widely offered in universities as well as online schools. Through such degree programs, students learn the basic elements and insights into the field. In addition, they develop various skills that can prove to be very useful in other careers. Here are some of the beneficial skills that students of women’s studies will get to develop through a degree program in women’s studies.

Outstanding critical thinking skills – just like other students taking up liberal arts, students of women’s studies get to develop the ability to identify various women-related problems as well as effective solutions to such problems. Most of these students’ knowledge and skills are learnt from the works of influential thinkers, inventors, and even writers throughout history. Students of this major take advantage of the history of female political and cultural figures to know what philosophies affected certain decisions or important events in the past.

Effective oral presentation skills – students of women’s studies are required to present a number of oral presentations all throughout their degree program. These opportunities given to students to speak before the entire class help them significantly enhance their skills in making presentations and also help lessen their fear of public speaking. The ability to be an effective speaker is essential in certain careers that women’s studies majors may pursue in the future.

Excellent writing skills – as part of the curriculum of a women’s studies degree, students are made to produce some powerful and meaningful essays that may outline all of the major achievements of women in history. They may also be asked to write about the possible challenges to women in the future. An outstanding skill in writing is an essential trait that can be useful in many different careers.

Solid research skills – it is very important for all social sciences and liberal arts majors to have the ability to gather information from various sources. They use such information in validating a theory or perhaps explaining whatever has transpired in the past.

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