So What Can I Do With A Criminal Justice Degree?


So you’ve graduated from college with a criminal justice degree. Or perhaps you’re thinking about going back to school to get a criminal justice degree. And you’re probably wondering to yourself, “What can I do with a criminal justice degree?”

Here are 3 possible careers that new criminal justice majors can transition into–and will provide a satisfying work life.

Career No.1: Law and Order

This is probably the most popular career landing spot for criminal justice majors. And the reason is clear: criminal justice majors study the patterns of criminal behavior–and the measures taken to control that behavior–and there may be no more practical hands-on application of these methods than in the frontlines of law enforcement.

But what does working in law enforcement actually mean? Well, obviously, it includes working in state, town, county and city police departments. (This includes state troopers, CHP, police officers.)

But there is also the federal career path–this would entail positions with the FBI, DEA, ATF–and the ultra-competitive CIA.

Career No.2: Probation Officer

Another possible area for criminal justice majors to look at is in probations. Probation officers deal with offenders in a much different arena, helping offenders and re-offenders of the justice system become functioning members of society after serving time in some form of correctional facility.

If you are good at communicating with others, truly like to listen to people, and fascinated by how the justice system works then you would be a great probation officer candidate and should definitely keep it on your radar.

Career No.3: Counseling Others

Though it has much in common with a probation position, being an institutional counselor has much less competition and can be very rewarding. So what is the position?

Well…in a nutshell it’s someone who is a social services counselor–somewhat like a social worker–but in a correctional environment.

Like the probation officer position, it does require great communication skills and the ability to listen effectively. It can also require advanced schooling, such as an advanced degree in social services.

But one way to break into a position like this is to get a gig as a social services assistant. (Some places will even sponsor you while you’re still in school.)

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