Wondering What Challenging Yet Exciting Jobs You Can Have With An Exercise And Sports Science Degree?


There are many different careers in the field of exercise and sports science out there, and students usually choose one according to their specialization, their own lifestyle, and also the certificates they have acquired. But in general, exercise and sports specialists draw on their knowledge of biomechanics, psychology, physical fitness, conditioning, and nutrition. By earning a degree in this field, you will be eligible for any of these jobs:

Athletic Trainer – an athletic trainer focuses primarily on assessing, diagnosing, preventing, treating, as well as rehabilitating illnesses and injuries, and even the ones of the bones and muscles. While only a Bachelor of Science degree is the requirement for an athletic training career, the majority of athletic trainers choose to attain a higher educational level, such as a master’s degree. This makes them more eligible for a job and career advancement.

Fitness Worker – fitness workers are responsible for helping people get in shape by instructing, leading, and motivating them in stretching, strength training, and other cardiovascular exercises. These workers include fitness directors, group exercise instructors, and personal trainers. There are a number of specialized exercise sessions that can be taught by fitness workers, like yoga or Pilates. A fitness worker may also hold a managerial position, which often requires at least a bachelor’s degree.

Occupational/Physical Therapists – therapists are considered very important in the rehabilitation process of individuals suffering from conditions and other injuries involving the bones, joints, and nerves. Physical therapists focus primarily on gross-motor movement, whereas an occupational therapist deals with fine-motor movements. In general, occupational and physical therapists spend a couple of more years studying in graduate school after they have earned a bachelor’s degree. They also need to pass a national certification test in order to gain their license.

Aside from becoming a therapist (occupational and physical), fitness worker, and athletic trainer, there are some other careers that can be pursued by exercise and sports science graduates. But of course, the type of career you can flourish in will depend greatly on how much time you invest in your education, training, and skills development.

The other types of jobs you may take on include sports nutritionist, sports psychologist, physician, exercise specialist, sports facilities director, as well as director of community relations. Given that you may also take a course in exercise and sports science online, it will be very important that you do some intensive research of the possible schools and degree programs you may take so that you can come with the best decision.

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