What Programs Are Available For A Degree In Natural Resources And Environmental Sciences Can You Choose From?


For those who care a lot about the environment, building a career in natural resource management or environmental science could be a great choice. With the growing awareness of the people towards the condition and preservation of the environment, more and more companies and government units are now trying to do their share in the conservation of nature. As a result, there is also a growing need for professional natural resource and environmental science experts. If this is something that you think you will enjoy doing, here are the programs you may choose from to earn a degree.

Undergraduate Degree Program in Natural Resource and Environmental Science Management

Many traditional universities are offering both campus-based and online undergraduate degree programs in NRES. In an undergraduate program, students become familiar with the principles and aspects of natural resource management. There are some areas of concentrations also available for students, such as Resource Conservation and Restoration Ecology, Human Dimensions of the Environment, Global Change and Landscape Dynamics, and Fish and Wildlife Conservation. Students are advised to choose one particular area that they can be really committed to. These undergraduate programs also prepare students for many different careers they may pursue in relation to environmental modeling and analysis.

Graduate Programs in Natural Resource and Environmental Science Management

For those who are seeking advanced degrees, there are NRES graduate programs offered both campus-based and online. The requirements for admission to a master’s or doctorate program may vary according to the school being applied to, but in general, the requirements for admission include an undergraduate degree, a letter of application, and some references. In terms of the duration of such programs, it usually takes 3 years to complete a graduate program online. But of course, those who cannot commit full time to their studies can take their time and may need to wait longer than 3 years for the completion of the program.

Another essential part of a graduate program in natural resources and environmental sciences is the thesis or dissertation project. Students need to accomplish a thesis report in order to graduate. And when it comes to employment, students who have attained a doctorate degree are highly qualified to work in the academe as professors. They may also work in big companies and government agencies as part of the research team. In short, there are better job opportunities for those with advanced education in this field.

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