What Do Veterinary Scientists Do Exactly?


Veterinary scientists, commonly referred to as veterinarians, are the specialists for both large and small animals. Veterinarians for small animals are the ones who look after pets, like dogs and cats. They also care for rabbits, reptiles, birds, and any other animals that can be considered house pets. The majority of the veterinary specialists opt to specialize in small animal care.

In a clinical setting, a small animal veterinarian can diagnose animals’ health issues, give medication to pets with infection or illnesses, as well as vaccinate these animals to protect them against possible diseases. These veterinarians may also perform surgeries on pets when necessary. It is also part of their duty to talk to the owners of the pets about the proper nourishment, maintenance, and general care for their animals. More often than not, new graduates of veterinary science opt for small animal care as they are fond of these cute pets.

Meanwhile, those veterinary scientists who deal with large animals are commonly employed in zoos, ranches, or farms. They usually go where such animals are located so that they can perform the examination and treatment needed by the animals. Large animal vets are able to give preventive care which may assure the long term health condition of the animals they attend to.

Aside from testing or vaccinating the large animals, they also talk to farmers, ranch owners as well as zoo managers about the ways to properly maintain the good health of the animals. It is their aim to spread information about the methods of limiting and preventing the spread of infections or illnesses of the animals.

As a veterinarian, you will need to have a sense of commitment for you to enjoy this type of career. You have to be ready to work long hours and also be prepared to be called on location to attend to a particular animal. This means that there is always a possibility that your free time will be interrupted by emergency calls needing you in a location. You would also be working outdoors most of the time, so it is important that you are accustomed to any kind of weather.

If you can successfully deal with and overcome all the challenges that come with this line of work, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of being a veterinarian. As there is an increase in the awareness and interest of people to public health, food safety, and disease control, there is no doubt that experienced and skilled veterinarians will constantly be in demand.


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