What Career Options Do You Have With A Degree In Physics?


If you are wondering what could be the best job for you with a diploma in physics, the best answer could be “anything you want to do.” A lot of physics majors choose to work as professional physicists, but there are also some who opt to get a job in field in which they could successfully apply all the knowledge they have. For instance, they could work in the government or certain industries using their skills in computer programming, mathematical reasoning, and problem solving. Physics graduates are also perfect for jobs that involve great communication and observational skills.

It is very common and also recommended for physics students to choose an area of specialization so that they could be more marketable in different fields or industries related to physics, such as:

NUCLEAR PHYSICS – this field of physics is the study of the structure, components, along with the behavior of the atom’s nucleus. Nuclear physics also has several practical applications in the development of nuclear medicine, smoke detectors, and nuclear energy.

GEOPHYSICS – this is the application of physical measurements and theories in an effort to look into the properties of the earth. There are different branches of geophysics also, such as geothermometry, seismology, hydrology, as well as gravity and geodesy. Typically, such applications are used for the construction of bridges and highways, studying earthquakes, archeology, and even urban planning.

ASTRONOMY – as a subfield of physics, astronomy is the field in which specialists study and gather data needed to identify relationships amongst planets and stars along with the different phenomena taking place in the universe. Astronomers are the ones who are called on to deal with issues relating to satellite communications and space flight navigation.

ASTROPHYSICS – this is a part of astronomy that looks into the physics of star systems, stars, and other interstellar materials. An astrophysicist applies the laws and theories of physics with the aim of understanding the way astronomical bodies interact, how they are formed, and even the way they die. This branch of physics is important in trying to know how human beings could get to different planets and also how the human body may properly adapt to new situations.

ENGINEERING PHYSICS –engineering is a great outlet for those with a diploma in physics. Needless to say, engineering is also one of the fastest growing industries today, mainly because it is all about dealing with the systems that can directly affect people and societies. A background in physics can prove to be very helpful in building skyscrapers, bridges, airplanes and different systems and infrastructures.



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