Unique And Interesting Jobs For Chemistry Graduates


Every single thing that you see around you, whether it is of human design or naturally occurring, is made up of chemicals. This is why chemical research is a very important field of study as it can discover new knowledge and usage of chemicals. Chemical research has brought about so many good things for the society. Through these studies, there have been a lot of development and discovery of various items, such as lubricants, electronic components, cosmetics, drugs, paints, and countless other products. If you are looking at chemistry as a possible degree program you would love to take up, then it will be helpful if you could get some idea of what jobs can be taken by a chemistry graduate.

In general, chemists work alongside materials scientists in research and development. They analyze the composition, properties, and structure of matter along with the laws applying to the reactions of different substances and the combination of various elements. In terms of the application of the research, the new knowledge gained from it is used to develop new products and manufacturing procedures. Older and existing processes and items are then improved through this research as well.

Aside from the general research and development work, chemists may also choose a particular area to specialize in. Here are some of the unique fields of specialization in chemistry.

ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY: this is where the nature, composition and structure of any substance can be determined through the examination and identification of all the compounds and chemicals that compose them. This is particularly important in the industry of pharmaceutical drugs as such companies are always looking for compounds that they can develop into drugs. This is also where the chemical pollutants present in the soil, water, and air are identified.

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY: this is the study of all the carbon compounds that all living things are made of. An organic chemist may synthesize simple elements and compounds in order to come up with new substances with all new and different elements and applications.

INORGANIC CHEMISTRY: an inorganic chemist studies various compounds that are made up of other elements aside from carbon, just like the ones in electronic components.

PHYSICAL AND THEORETICAL CHEMISTRY: this is an area of specialization that focuses on the physical characteristics of molecules and atoms, as well as the theoretical components of matter. This is also the study of the way chemical reactions take place.

MACROMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY: here, chemists look into the behavior of molecules and atoms.

MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY: chemists in this field study the properties and structure of compounds that can be used for the creation of medicine for humans.

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