Thinking Of Earning a Degree in Fire Science? Know Your Options


Fire science college degrees are available at various levels, such as certificate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. These degrees are often either general or specific to a certain fire science field. Undergraduate and certificate degrees are normally suitable for junior firefighters looking for office jobs requiring knowledge in the field as well. On the other hand, advanced degrees are meant for other professionals or experienced firefighters aiming to get top level positions in the fire service department.

Online Degree Programs in Fire Science

Online fire science degrees are very popular amongst active fire service professionals who need not have training in the field. Online programs are very flexible, which makes them perfectly suited to those firefighters in far locations where they have no access to school campuses. Others who will benefit from such programs are the older professionals that are about to quit working in the field but not from the fire service sector. Most online fire science programs are focused on general administration, long term policymaking, as well as disaster response and planning.

Certificate Degree Programs in Fire Science

Students who have attained high school education are eligible for undergraduate certificate programs in fire science. These are basically short courses that can be completed in a year. These programs are typically offered online, on weekends, and at night.

Certificate programs are generally focused on one aspect of firefighting as a profession. Examples would be new and modern firefighting methods, arson investigation, and fire inspecting. These undergraduate certifications are great academic opportunities not only for students but also for professionals looking to have entry-level fire service jobs.

Associate Degree Programs in Fire Science

Associate programs take two years to be completed and they require at least a high school educational level for admission. Typically, this program is used to prepare students for entry-level jobs as firefighters.

The coursework for associate degree programs include the fundamentals of fire extinguishment, fire behavior, and basic rescue procedures. Students of this degree are normally required to get internship or hands-on instruction.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Fire Science

Bachelor’s degrees are the ones normally applied for by professionals aiming for career advancement. But these days, such programs are becoming more common among applicants of entry-level positions in firefighting.

Bachelor’s degree programs can be completed in four years and the basic requirement for admission is a high school diploma. Those students who have earned an associate’s degree in fire science can complete the bachelor’s degree in a shorter period.

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