Know More about the Great Jobs Available To Fire Science Degree Holders


Becoming a firefighter is the obvious career path for those who take up fire science degree programs. But earning this degree does not limit an individual to being a firefighter as there are other higher positions they can have. In this article, you will learn more about the career options available for fire science graduates.


In cases of emergencies like building fires, car crashes, or any other rescue operations, the right people to call are the firefighters. While it is their main responsibility to put out fires, they may also be called to help in various emergency situations as well. With that being said, firefighters need to have the skills in emergency medical training and firefighting.

To qualify for a position as a firefighter, you need to at least have a high school diploma. During the job application process, candidates may be required to pass written, medical, and physical examinations. Those who have either an associate or bachelor’s degree in fire science are more likely to have a job as a firefighter.

In terms of career advancement, there is definitely a lot of room for this for firefighters. In a typical fire station, firefighters are qualified to move up as engineers or lieutenants, and may even be promoted as chief of the station. To be eligible for these promotions, additional education and longer experience in the field are required.

Fire Inspector

Fire inspectors are the ones in charge of examining the exterior and interior of structures and buildings for fire hazards. It is their duty to make sure that establishments follow fire codes. They also talk to owners and builders about the modifications that need to be made to ensure the facility is fire-ready. Fire inspectors also collect the fees paid for building permits and licenses. They also test various fire gears, like fire extinguishers, to ensure they are in good condition.

Fire Investigators

A fire investigator is normally seen at the fire scene where criminal negligence or arson is assumed to have taken place. The main duty of a fire investigator is to identify the origin and the cause of fire. What they do in particular is take pictures of the scene, collect pieces of evidence, and examine the area of the incident. They would also talk to witnesses and of course the owner of the home or building that caught fire. They will then make a report of what took place in the site. Fire investigators also have the authority to arrest anyone suspected to cause a fire as well as execute warrants.

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