Good Reasons Why You Should Consider A Career As A Chemist


Chemists are experts who analyze the composition and structure of substances along with the transformations that they go through. Because of the importance of the roles being undertaken by chemists, they are also very important members of a number of industries. This then translates to a lot of job opportunities available to chemistry degree holders. If you are thinking of what career to pursue or what academic course to take, you had better learn about the great advantages you can get by becoming a chemist.

Career Advancement Possibilities

In general, career advancements are dependent on a chemist’s educational attainment and work experience. A lot of chemists go on to have a career as supervisors or project directors. Some chemists also pursue several other positions, such as executives, managers, or sales representatives for a particular chemical company. By obtaining some training, it is also possible for a chemist to become a patent attorney or a scientific librarian. The fact that chemistry is a basic yet broad field of science allows for a lot of opportunities for career advancement.

Employment Outlook

The employment outlook for a chemistry graduate is fair and stable until the year 2014. There is also an expected rise in the demand for chemists in many industries. Job growth is anticipated in the industries of drug manufacturing, testing, research and development. The growing need for ways to monitor and prevent pollution is one great cause of the increasing need for chemists.

Working Conditions

Chemists generally work in well equipped, pleasant, and safe laboratories, offices, plants, and even schools. Although they are required to work with poisonous and dangerous materials, there a lot of safety regulations being implemented to make sure that chemists are safe and free from any injuries.

When it comes to their work hours, chemists normally work 49 hours a week. But there are times when they need to work longer hours to finish a project. While this might seem really demanding, every extra hour of work is generally compensated appropriately.


There are many factors that may affect how much a chemist can receive as his salary, including location, experience, education, as well as the kind of work done. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of a chemist is $56,000. Those with a bachelor’s degree receive an average of $62,000, while chemists with a master’s degree can earn an average of $72,000, and PhD holders get $91,000 annually on average.

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