Everything You Would Want To Know About Fire Science


Being in the field of fire service is without a doubt a very challenging yet really exciting thing to do. As a career, there are just so many opportunities waiting to be explored and taken advantage of. Fire service is also an extremely valued and highly regarded public service which is also very rewarding and fulfilling. A degree in fire science is what should be considered by those who would like to work in the fire service field especially as a firefighter.

To be qualified as a firefighter, one has to take and pass a qualifying exam and then take a particular training in a specific location. More often than not, fire departments require applicants to have at least a high school diploma and any college degree. For those students planning to work in policy aspects and disaster planning of fire protection, a bachelor’s degree in fire science is the minimum requirement. And for higher positions like directors and chiefs of the department, an advanced degree is a must.

There are many aspects of the fire service industry studied in a fire science degree program. These would include rescue, fire extinguishment, fire behavior, and other environmental policies related to fire management. Through these courses or subjects, students are made familiar with all of the equipment used in firefighting as well as how they should be maintained. Most programs also include field training to their classroom lectures.

The interesting part of the field training is when students are trained on how to fight fire properly. Students will also be given the chance to be interns in fire stations so that they could acquire practical training from fire service professionals. The hands-on experience along with appropriate class lectures provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the field of fire service.

In terms of career advancement, there are a lot of opportunities available for firefighters as well. The combination of education and experience is the key to getting higher and more lucrative positions. The positions that can be filled through further training and education are fire investigator, fire inspector and fire chief. There are advanced degrees in fire science that dwell on fire inspection skills and management training.

When it comes to the career outlook for fire service professionals, the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that there is an expected growth in this industry. But the competition for positions in this sector can be really fierce, so it is very important for aspiring fire service professionals to get the best training and education they can have.

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