Do Chemists Enjoy Their Jobs And Careers?


How was your experience with chemistry back in high school? Did it give you nightmares or were you always excited to experiment on chemicals? Chemistry has a different effect on everyone. For some, it can be a career path to pursue while others will avoid it at all costs. Those who want to be a chemist are courageous to take on a very challenging career.

Chemists are very important in the world we live in today. Since they work with chemicals, they are part of the water we drink, the food we eat and the air around us. Their jobs are no joking matter, which means that being a chemist is as serious as it gets. This job is pretty demanding too. Do not mistake chemists to just hang around in the laboratory and mixing concoctions here and there. They put a lot of time and effort into researching and applying their research on their experiments. It is really not an easy job to do.

Do you think that a chemist enjoys his or her job? People will say no instantly but those who really understand a chemist job will say yes. But first, what does a chemist do?

  • A chemist researches, develops, creates, enhances, and improves products and processes. They can work to create a new environment-friendly product or something that requires less energy to use.
  • A chemist mostly works in research and development companies while there are those that work in quality control of manufacturing and chemical plants.
  • A chemist can specialize in analytical, material, medical, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

The minimum requirement to be a chemist is a bachelor’s degree and earning this degree will not be easy.  The degree program can last from 3-4 years. Most chemists choose to pursue a master’s or doctorate degree in order to advance in their careers. A person with a strong background in Science and Math will find it easier to earn a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

So, back to the question: do chemists enjoy their jobs and careers? Yes, chemists are highly satisfied and fulfilled with their jobs. For one, chemists say that they are happy to be a huge part of what the world is today. They play a huge role in the lives of people every day. With the rise of technology, the love for chemistry grows even more. Back in 2006, there were already 86,000 chemists in the U.S. alone. Further, the salary of chemists is something to be happy about as well. Starting salaries start from $30,000 to $70,000 depending on the type of job, location, experience, and educational attainment.

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