Can You Get A Microbiology Degree Online?


Online Microbiology Degree is the solution for those aspirants who do not have the time to pursue this degree in a traditional way. Most bachelor’s degree programs are usually campus based due to the hands-on nature of the course program. However, genetics biochemistry and other introductory courses are available online. The microbiology course or program is designed for individuals who are into the application and study of microscopic organisms. The students will learn how to identify their molecular structures, classify these organisms, and learn their harmful and helpful attributes. This type of program is usually campus based because of the extensive laboratory works required but individual courses may be found online.

Although students are required to complete the majority of their laboratory work or microbiology coursework on campus, they can do most of their basic courses through online learning. They may also complete their general education online such as English and Math. A typical bachelor’s degree in microbiology can be completed in four years. Streaming Audio and Video are usually utilized in online classes for tests and lectures. Basically, a computer with internet access is needed. Some of the online courses will require students to have an access to their local laboratory equipments.

The online classes for microbiology are usually basics or introductory. However, these online classes may require prerequisite for enrollment, such as college level study in basic sciences like biology and chemistry. Students that are interested in transferring their online credits to a campus-based program should contact the school’s admission department to know the details of the transfer.

One of the courses you can study online is the Introduction to Microbiology, which discusses the various functions of the microbes and their effects to the body. Another course available online is the Basic Genetic Course which discusses the chromosomes replication. Biochemistry course can also be taken online.  According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of microbiologist is expected to rise by 12% and research personnel are projected to increase by 25% from 2008 up to 2018. Environment scientist on the other hand is expected to have a growth of 28% using the same period.

Some of the microbiologists choose to continue their education by going for a master’s or doctoral degree. These programs are usually campus based but some traditional academic institutions may offer online master’s degree programs, which allow students to take general courses online while also attending campus-based trainings and lectures. Master’s degree program can be completed in 2-3 years while doctoral degree can be done within 5-6 years.

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