What Careers Can You Pursue With A Bachelor’s Degree In Psychology?


While many bachelor’s degree in psychology graduates decide to pursue higher education, most of these graduates go on to start a career through their bachelor’s degree. There are a variety of careers available for these graduates, such as high school psychology teachers and human service assistants. In addition, there are career in criminal justice and business open to undergraduate degree holders. Here are some of the most common jobs that bachelor’s degree holders can get:

Social and Human Service Assistant

In terms of employment outlook, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there will be a 23% increase in demand for social and human services professional until the year 2018. In this field of work, employees may work as assistants to professional psychologists and social workers.

In particular, these assistants are qualified to work as community support workers, social worker assistants, mental health aides, youth workers, client advocates, and case management aides. It is the job of a social and human service worker to offer emotional support to clients as they try to gain independence and improve their lives.

Parole or Probation Officer

Parole and probation officers have very similar job descriptions, except for the type of people they work with. A probation officer, or a community supervision officer, is the one who monitors those sentenced to probation after being convicted of a crime. On the other hand, a parole officer deals with offenders who have just been released from jail. It is their duty to make sure they will not be involved in any type of crime.

Parole and probation officers not only work with the offenders themselves, but also with their families and also other organizations in the community. Their main goal is always to prevent the occurrence of any type of offenses. Probation and parole officers may also have other duties, such as providing the offenders with the specific services they need, like anger management programs, counseling for substance abuse, and even vocational rehab services.

Psychology Teacher in Secondary School

If you are planning to teach psychology to high school students, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then obtain a certification to practice as a teacher. As a high school psychology teacher, you will be tasked to create and implement lesson plans while taking into account the educational capabilities and cultural backgrounds of the students. It is important also for these teachers to make use of various evaluation and instructional techniques to make studying fun and effective.

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