Is A Psychology Degree A Popular Choice


If you want to know if a psychology degree is a popular choice today, the answer is yes. Psychology is one of the popular degrees that students pursue today. Given that it is high-paying job, it is a very interesting profession too. You get to work with different patients and understand their behavior which will be helpful to their treatment. A psychology career has room for personal growth as you get to choose from a variety of career opportunities.

Top Reasons Why Many Want To Be A Psychologist

  • Career opportunities-One of the reasons why a psychology degree is popular is because it gives aspiring psychologists a chance to pursue different career opportunities. Students have the freedom to choose their specialization. If a student is happy with his choice, he will most likely end up enjoying his career.
  • Constant Learning- When you become a psychologist, the learning is never-ending. Since human behavior constantly changes, psychologists have to continue learning different techniques in analyzing the human mind as well. Further, it is not just learning about other people, you learn more about yourself too.
  • Job Outlook is good -For psychology majors, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics show that the job outlook for psychologist looks promising. There is an expected growth of 12% through year 2018. This means that the demand for psychologists will increase too. There are three areas where growth is to be expected, these are clinical psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and school psychology.
  • Personal Growth-Working as a psychologist fuels personal growth. This job is fun and rewarding yet challenging at the same time. You get that sense of fulfillment when you are successful in understand the human mind. The journey to the mind is fun for psychologist. Nevertheless, the presence of daily challenges will never end. This is what makes the job of a psychologist never boring.
  • Stepping Stone- A bachelor’s psychology degree is your stepping-stone to pursuing a masters or a doctorate degree, which are needed for you to become a licensed psychologist. Through pursuing a higher-level degree, you get added training and more knowledge. Employers highly prefer psychologists with higher educational attainment. Your degrees will boost your career and earning power.

These are just some of the major reasons why a psychology degree is a popular choice and will remain to be a popular choice in the coming years. If you are passionate about learning human behavior and the processes of the mind, this is high time to enroll in a psychology degree program.

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