How To Become A Psychologist


Do you want to know how a person’s mind works? The profession you are looking for is a psychologist. He is a non-medical doctor that specializes in the behavior of the person as well as the functions and processes of the mind in relation to its body. Often, a psychologist works with the human mind but there are those who choose to focus on understanding animal behavior. The field of psychology is quite broad. Your duties and responsibilities will depend on your qualifications as well as your area of specialty.

Psychologists can choose to do counseling or psychotherapy. Psychologists also conduct research and personality tests. Psychologists are blessed with a wide number of job opportunities. They can work in a variety of work environments including schools, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, social services, management consultation firms, marketing research firms and government agencies. If you do not want to work for others, you can do private practice.

Earn a Degree

How do you become a psychologist? There is only one path to becoming a psychologist and that is earning your degree. In college, you need to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. This will be the basis of your training to become a psychologist.

Gain Work Experience

After you complete that, you will need to gain some experience in the medical industry. However, you must know what type of psychology you want to focus on. If you are into experimental psychology, you can ask your professor to allow you in assisting on some of his research projects. If you are into developmental psychology, you can volunteer in your community hospital and work with the handicap children. If you are into clinical psychology, volunteering in a nursing home or mental health clinic will provide you the experience you need.

Complete A Graduate Program

To be a psychologist, a bachelor’s degree is not enough. You have to enroll in a post-graduate degree and choose your specialization. Having a master’s degree or a doctorate will prepare you to become a professional practicing psychologist.

Get Your License

By now, there is only one thing that is prohibiting you to become a psychologist and that is the license. Each state will have a licensure exam for psychologist. Often, the board will require you to have 2-years of work experience after you get your graduate degree. To get a license, you must pass the exam and in some states, a case study is to be presented.

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