Are There Job Opportunities Waiting For Psychology Graduates


Having a psychology degree opens the door to a broad range of career opportunities for psychology graduates. With the wide range of degree options to choose from, the choices will seem overwhelming. This just shows that psychology graduates will be in for a treat when job hunting.

In order to choose what area of psychology you want to focus on, you must ask yourself what it is you really want to do. How long do you intend to study? In what area of psychology are you interested? Where would you like to work? By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to decide on the career path to take.

What Type Of Job Opportunities Awaits You Once You Graduate With A Psychology Degree?

  • Mental Health

Do you want to work with patients to overcome their mental illness? You can focus on mental health psychology then. In order to land a job in this field, the most basic requirement is a master’s degree in psychology. If you want more job opportunities, a Ph.D. is needed. In the field of mental health, you can be a clinical psychologist. A clinical psychologist assesses and diagnoses patients with mental and emotional illnesses.

  • Social Services

If you want to work with patients in overcoming their mental and emotional issues, you can become a counselor. Their job duties are quite similar to a clinical psychologist but an added duty of helping patient’s overcome their illnesses is included. Here, a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology is needed. In addition, you can become a social worker that works in social welfare agencies. A master’s degree is needed for you to be able to apply for social worker jobs.

  • Educational

A psychology graduate is qualified to apply for work in school and research settings. Universities and colleges accept psychologists with a doctorate degree for faculty and teaching positions. Psychology professors are expected to teach undergraduate and graduate students the principles of psychology as well as conducting research. Educational psychologists also studies how a curriculum can be improved to fit the different educational needs of students.

  • School

If you like to work with students who are having problems at school or at home, you can choose to be a school counselor or psychologist. A school counselor works with children in helping make academic choices and career choices. A school psychologist works with students who are having behavioral, emotional and academic problems. They also recommended proper treatment to overcome these problems.

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