Online Multimedia Degree: This Is Your Chance To Make You Own Virtual World


If you love animation in TV shows, movies, video games and other types of media, there is a perfect degree for you. Being a multimedia artist enables you to make animated images and visual effects through the use of computer programs. Here, you will have the opportunity to make your own virtual world that you have dreamed about.

Your project will vary. Some multimedia animators work for movie and TV show productions. Some will prefer working on computer or video game developers. You will have the chance to choose where your career is headed off too. The popular movies like Ice Age and UP and games like Diablo and Halo are all made by multimedia animators. Someday, it might be your work appearing in movie theaters and computer screens too.

The Duties Of A Multimedia Artist Or Animator

As a multimedia artist, you main duty is to create animation and graphics with the use of illustration and computer software. Some prefer doing their storyboard manually first before scanning it. Some multimedia artists are already very comfortable doing the project completely with a computer program. Multimedia animators often work in teams because TV shows, movies and video games takes a lot of work. Most of them are assigned a part of the project so they can specialize and focus.

Apart of creating the graphics and animation, multimedia artists have to do research work too. They should learn more about how to create realistic designs, which are what viewers and gamers want these days. The more real the graphics are, the better the visual effect is. The team of multimedia artists works on developing storyboards together wherein they map out the key scenes they should work on most. On top of these duties, they have to edit the animation based on the feedback of clients including directors, chief animators and game developers.

Online DegreeMultimedia artists will just focus on one form of medium. Juggling between mastering two forms can really be a pain. It is best to be an expert in movies or video games. Some prefer working on visual effects which is also known as CGI or computer generated images. A perfect example of this is Wall-E and Transformers. The team of multimedia artists not only works with the actors and characters, they have to design the scenes, locations and environment to perfection. The main goal is to make the project as realistic as possible.

There are multimedia artists that choose to specialize further. For instance, an animator working on a video game can specialize in character design or background design. He or she will work specifically on these aspects. As mentioned, each member of the animation team will be assigned a particular portion of a project. After which, they put everything together to create the final product.

Becoming A Multimedia Artist Or Animator

There is no required formal schooling to become a multimedia artist or animator but of course, earning one will be a big help in your training. You can pursue either an associate degree or bachelor ’s degree in computer graphics art. Multimedia degrees are offered on-campus and online. The choice of education method will depend on your schedule. Often, working professionals prefer going for an online multimedia degree so they can learn and work at the same time.Virtual World

An Associate in Science Multimedia degree combines the traditional concepts of computer design with the latest technological software programs. Students under this online multimedia degree program will develop the skills to design and create animation through lectures, tutorials and mostly, hands-on experience. This degree will take two years to finish and a high school diploma is a requirement. Although computer literacy is not required, possessing this skill will be a huge advantage. Students under this program will take up subjects like computer graphics, 2-D design, 3-D animation, graphic design, color theory, digital imaging, multimedia production and game development.

Those who hold a bachelor’s degree will have a competitive edge over other animators and artists who do not have one. Employers value formal training although they do not require a degree most of the time. To become a multimedia artist, you can pursue an online bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, computer animation or a related field. These majors will include courses on programming and computer science. Moreover, there are schools that offer bachelor degrees in animation like film, animation and drawing if you want to focus on this. There are also schools that offer degrees on game designing and interactive media.

Pursuing formal education is highly recommended. For one, online degree programs on multimedia design offers practical and instructional training to students. These training programs help student learn about design techniques and at the same time, enhance their skills through constant practice and critique. Further, students are able to build their portfolios, which they will need to apply for jobs.

The Career Of A Multimedia Artist Or Animator

In 2010, there were 66,500 jobs for multimedia artists and 59% of them were self-employed. These multimedia artists often work in their private home studios. The employed multimedia animators work in offices and movie or video game studios provided by the employer.

11% of multimedia artists work in the motion picture and video gaming industries. Software publishing, advertising and computer systems design industries hold 5% of multimedia artists job each. These animators work long hours which can be around 50 hours a week. They also work on nights and weekends especially if the deadline is around the corner.

Make Your Own Virtual WorldThe expected employment growth for multimedia artists is 8% until 2020. This growth is a response to the increased demand for visual effects in movies, TV shows and video games. Consumers continuously demand for realistic and the latest graphics technology in TV shows, video games and movies. Thus, multimedia artists have to meet this demand. In addition, there is also a demand for computer graphics on mobile phones and new technological gadgets today. People are going crazy for mobile games and applications nowadays.

Multimedia artists earn a median yearly wage of $58,510. Those who works in the video gaming and motion picture industries have an average salary of $66,190 while those in software publish earns $65,290 on the average.

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