Online Learning Shows Surprising Rise In Student Comprehension!


Students can give you a wide array of reasons why they are pursuing their degrees at an online university. For instance, cost is a huge consideration. On average, online schools cost 40% less than their traditional counterparts. A second one is flexibility. The students take their courses when it’s convenient to them, working around existing schedules to earn their best online degree. This benefit is especially appreciated by people holding regular jobs or are single parents. Now, a federal-sponsored report has given a new reason to go online for one’s education: It’s just a better way to learn.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, the report reviewed hundreds of studies of online learning over the past decade. It concluded the average online student performed slightly better than going to a real classroom for their lessons. In other words, their grades were not only better, but their comprehension was better. If you need more information about online master degrees, look on the internet.

The main population of the study was adults holding regular jobs, i.e., those getting their degrees while holding down jobs. This group still happens to be the largest number of people who do get their education online. Their motivation simply was to improve their economic standing. At the same time, the study also covered students ranging from elementary through high school. Whatever ever the age demographic, there was one striking similarity between all the groups. Online students performed better.

The explanation for it all was simple, time. Online students could take their classes when it was convenient for them, such as after supper, when the kids were at school or nothing was on TV anyway. They managed their valuable time to better effect. As a result they could concentrate on whatever they found interesting or was causing them problems. This more efficient use of their time could then be used to collaborate with fellow classmates, whether to problem solve or just to review. They were maximizing their educational environment on every level.

Another thing the study reported is online professors apparently are taking full advantage of the options online learning can provide. The educators utilized different teaching tools they couldn’t in campus-based courses. Videos, online quizzes and study groups, even online guidance are possible with e-learning. The study discovered learning rates also aren’t inhibited by these new techniques.

This didn’t mean it all comes together easily. Online course teachers work hard creating the lessons for their students to maximize this valuable learning time. Serious schools also had to employ premium and the most modern computer systems and experienced IT staff, learning management software, student services, libraries and staff to train their professors on how to teach online. There is an abundance of information about on line college degree on the web.

If that isn’t enough, job recruiters say it’s making their jobs easier. They consider top line online programs as academically complete as brick-and-mortar counterparts. Another survey reported four out of five CEOs and/or business owners expressed online degrees gave them similar quality personnel as on campus graduates.

It seems online graduates develop other skills besides time management. The online graduate scores high on self-motivation, forward thinking, online social networking, team building/collaboration and the ability to learn independently on top of everything else. These are also highly attractive skills to many a recruiter.

It seems to be that the best degree is your best online degree as far as time management and what employers look for. From your associates degree all the way through to your master degree, distance learning is training you in valuable business skills.


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