Online Graphic Designing Degrees: What Is This Job All About?


Today, people cannot get enough of computers. Thanks to these advanced form of technology, it has made life easier and more convenient. With the development of the internet, people can shop online and even pay their bills online. Through using the computer, completing tasks and processes have become more efficient. There is no business and home at the present that will not benefit from using computers.

Graphic designers use the computer all the time. This is their most needed tool in their work. Graphic artists have to create visual concepts through using computer application or software. These artists also know how to create images manually but still, a computer program will help in perfecting the design. Graphic designers work to create visual images that will inspire and attract customers of a certain business. Through their work, a brand will be more recognized and remember. The work involves choosing the right layout, colors and logo designs to make sure that the advertisement is a success.

The Job Responsibilities Of A Graphic Designer

A graphic designer’s work is used in promotion and advertising. The artist should make sure that the image is eye-catching, captivating and interesting. Through an online graphic designing degree, students will be taught and trained how to make interesting visual concepts that will work well with a company’s brand.

Graphic  ArtGraphic designers meet with clients to discuss the project. This is where the client will indicate his objectives to allow the designer to understand the project better. The graphic designer is expected to advise clients on the best visual strategies to reach the target audience. He or she will be the one to determine the right message to portray in the image. If the designer and client have agreed to a certain design, the graphic artist will star developing the image. Depending on the type of image needed, the graphic artist can work on audio images, graphics and visual images needed for logos, websites or product illustration.

There are graphic designers that start with a pen and paper while some are more comfortable working with computer applications immediately. Nevertheless, the visual image needed should be a product of computer software. The graphic artist will decide on the layout, text, colors and images to be used. Once the concept is done, it is subject to approval by the client. The graphic designer will take comments and feedback to further improve the design. Also, he or she will be responsible for the final editing of the design before publishing or printing.

Graphic designers have the ability to combine art and technology in communicating ideas and messages through images and graphics. They are experts in achieving artistic effects. What makes them different from fine artists? For one, they use computers to enhance the visual concepts. Second, they always have a target market in mind when doing their work. Graphic artists are becoming more and more valuable to businesses in terms of sales and marketing. They work closely with the marketing, public relations and advertising department.

Becoming A Graphic Designer

To become a designer specializing in graphic arts, you must complete a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. You can earn this degree online as well. You must look for an accredited online graphic designing degree program that is accredited by the National Association of School of Art and Design.

Graphic ArtWhat will you learn from a bachelor’s degree? Online art schools will teach you subjects like commercial graphics production, website design, printing techniques, computerized design, studio art and design principles. These subjects will help graphic designer work more effectively in projects. Often, graphic designers are assigned to work with project teams. This serves as preparation for their careers. Also, this will help a designer’s ability to communicate with other people who are essential to his or her career.

During the online graphic designing degree program, students are obliged to build their own professional portfolios. The portfolio is a collection of sample designs that they have made through projects and internship programs. This is how they can show employers their skills. It is important in landing a job or when bidding for a project.

There are online graphic designing degree programs that will require applicants to complete a 1-yr basic art and design course before being accepted into the formal program. Some schools will require sketches as proof of artistic ability. Moreover, graphic designing students should be well-versed in using designing software programs. The degree program will teach them the latest programs to use and how to use them effectively.

A Graphic Designer’s Career

To obtain higher positions, designers in graphic designing should have 1-3 years of work experience first. Career advancement allows designers to become chief designer, art director, creative director or hold supervisory positions in a company.

Graphic designer employment is projected to increase by 13% until 2020. Most of the graphic designers are employed in publishing and printing companies. Jobs here will increase by 2%. Those graphic designers working in computer systems design will enjoy a 61% increase in employment. A primary reason for this is the increased demand for graphic designers due to the internet. More companies are getting their websites made to inform, promote and sell products online. This shows that graphic designers play an important role in advertising and marketing at present time and in the coming years.

Graphic designers held around 279,200 jobs back in 2010. 9% were employed in the specialized design service companies. 9% were employed in newspaper, book, directory and periodical publishers. 8% were employed in public relations, advertising and other relates services.

There are many graphic designers working independently as freelancers but those who work with companies often work with teams. Their work schedules vary depending on the deadline and workload. Those working for companies work 40 hours a week while the self-employed have more freedom with their time. In 2010, 29% of graphic artists were self-employed. They spend time looking for projects and bidding for these projects.

The median annual wage for a graphic designer is $43,500. The highest 10% earns more than $76,910 while the lowest 10% earns 26,200.

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