Online Child Day Care Degrees


When choosing a college degree, one of the primary things to consider is what career could be pursued using that degree. With that being said, most students carefully study the market, so as to have an idea of what jobs will be available for them once they graduate. It is important that you choose a degree that is related to the careers, which are and are expected to be in great demand in the near future. This is one good reason why many people are interested in taking up online child day care degrees these days.

There is nothing really shocking about the fact that there has been an increasing demand for child day care workers. Considering how difficult the economy has been, more and more families these days have both parents working. What this means is that it is now more difficult for them to take care of their children, especially those who are below five years of age. It is mainly for that reason that now, child day care services have become more significant and in great need for day care handlers.

Online Child Day Care Degrees

Students with child day care degrees actually have several options when it comes to what degree level to pursue. For a beginner’s level, they can choose between a certificate program and an associate degree program. If you want to pursue a better career or a higher position, you then should consider getting a bachelor’s degree in child day care. And for those who wish to have a lucrative developmental and administrative job, a Master of Arts in Child Development is the course to take.

There are also a lot of courses involved in this degree program, such as:

  • Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Growth and Development
  • Children Behaviors
  • Child Psychology
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Health and Safety
  • Infant and Toddler Care

Employment Opportunities

According to the US Bureau of labor Statistics, the industry of child day care will enjoy a tremendous growth of about 15% within a span of 10 years. It is also said that those with this degree can easily get a job in various sectors as child day care workers, teaching assistants, family child day care givers, preschool teachers, and even early childhood education researchers. In terms of the salary a child day care provider, it will be dependent on the educational level attained along with the working experience. On average, they can receive a total of $37,000 a year.

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