Online Architecture Degree: Create Dream Homes As A Career


We all know that a house is a mere structure where one or more individual resides in. A home is where a family lives. To call your house a home is saying that this is the most comfortable and safest place on earth for you. So, how can you turn a house into your home?

If this is truly something you are interested with, you should consider taking up architecture. You can make a positive impact in people’s lives. You are not just creating a house for them to live in; you are creating a home that they will be happy with for the rest of their lives. As an architect, you have the ability to create dream homes for clients. This will be a truly rewarding and fulfilling career.

The Work Duties Of An Architect

Architects basically design and make plans for houses, buildings and other forms of structures. On a typical day, the architect consults with the client to determine the client’s preferences and requirements for the project. Each client will have a different set of preferences. After all, not everyone has the same type of dream home right?

Architectural DegreeOnce the architect has taken note of all the preferences, requests and requirements, it is time for him to create a plan. The plan will include estimating the cost of the materials, choosing the materials and deciding on the equipment needed. The plan should also state the construction time of the project. Besides making the plan, the architect will have to make a design and indicate all structure requirements.

On site, the architect often works with contracts and structural engineers to make sure the design and plan are followed. There are times when the architect will work with an interior designer in making the project plan. The architect prepares the drawing and the contract documents needed. He or she will also manage these contracts and make sure that the construction process sticks to the architectural plan.

Architects can build public and private structures where people can dine, shop, play, work, study, worship and many more. They can build indoor or outdoor structures. Their projects can range from simple rooms to huge complexes.

Architects have to make a proposal that the client will approve before starting the construction process. This proposal must include the cost analysis, land-use studies, design specifications and environmental impact of the project. Architectures do not only design the structure, he or she also has to draw the structural systems like air-conditioning, ventilation, heating, plumbing, communication and electrical systems.

Architects used computer-aided design and drafting programs (CADD) to make 3-D models of their work. They also use building information modeling technology (BIM) which makes their job easier compared to using pen and pencil.

In addition, architects have to make sure that all zoning laws, ordinances, buildings codes and safety regulations are followed. During construction, they make sure workers stick to the schedule and always meet the high-quality work standards. Architects will work with civil engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and urban or regional planners regarding a project.

Becoming An Architect

In the U.S., most states will require an architect to hold a professional degree in architecture. The degree program should be accredited by NAAB or the national Architectural Accrediting Board. However, there are states that have their own architectural regulation boards so even graduates of non-accredited programs can still get a license.

To be an architect, you must complete the 5-year Bachelor of Architecture degree. This professional degree is designed for students without any architectural training at all. There are online architectural degrees as well. Students online will practically have the same coursework of that of a regular architecture degree program. There will be a combination of lectures and internship work.

Architectural degreeThe 5-year bachelor’s degree program will take on courses like structures, CADD, construction methods, technology, professional practice, physical science, math and the liberal arts. In a traditional setting, students will work in a design studio to create drawings. In an online setting, a computer program will be given where students can practice creating architectural drawings and 3-D models. The most important thing in architecture is that the students get to practice the concepts and techniques he or she has learned.

State architectural boards require graduates to complete at least 3 years of training before they can seat for the licensing exam. These architecture graduates mostly complete their training through internship programs first. The internship program completed while in school is counted. As an intern, you will be treated as an employee already. You will be asked to offer help on designing and preparing drawings and documents. You will also be trained to create your own construction drawings using CADD.

The licensing requirements include completion of practical training, a professional degree and passing the Architect Registration Examination. If you obtain your license, you have to pursue continuing education to retain it. To boost your career further, you can seek certification through the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Back in 2011, a third of all licensed architects voluntarily seek this certification.

The Career of An Architect

Architects work in offices but they frequently travel to construction sites to supervise and monitor. In the office, they consult with clients and create plans and designs using their computer programs. In the construction site, they review the progress and make sure the plan is followed.

ArchitectIn 2010, there were 113,700 jobs for architects. 65% of the architects are employed and 24% were self-employed. Architects work long hours; working 50 hours a week is normal for them. They can also work during weekends and evenings to meet deadlines.

The job outlook for architects is expected to increase by 24% until 2020. There is a greater demand for architects today as old campus buildings need newer facilities and renovations. Also, with the increasing aging population, there will be more need to build healthcare facilities and retirement communities for the aged. Moreover, there will be a good demand for architects specializing in sustainable design.

Architects earn a median annual wage of $72,550. The lowest 10% earns less than $42,860 while the top 10% earns more than $119,500.

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