Online RN To BSN Degree Programs


RN stands for registered nurse, while BSN is for Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Right now, registered nursing belong to two different categories, both offered in traditional universities and online schools. These are the bachelor’s degree and associate’s degree in nursing. In terms of the course’s duration, it takes 2 years to complete an associate’s degree and around 4 years for a bachelor’s degree.

It doesn’t matter if you pursue an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, as you will still need to take an examination for certification to become a qualified registered nurse. And for you to become a professional registered nurse, you will have to pass the licensure exam called NCLEX-RN.

For those who have completed an associate’s degree in nursing, they do not need to undergo another 4 years of study in order to qualify for the BSN exam. The 2 year online associate’s degree program is an accredited program, and so the units taken can be credited for the completion of a BSN degree.

It is generally recommended for an associate’s degree in nursing holders to pursue a bachelor’s degree. This is why a lot of hospitals also offer various types of financial assistance to those nurses who are willing to complete their BSN degree. The beauty of an online nursing degree is that online schools have actually modified the courses they offer just to accommodate the needs of those registered nurses who are currently employed. As a result, it is now easier to take a course for online RN to BSN degrees.


When it comes to the benefits registered nurses can enjoy, the major one is actually the increase in salary. In addition, earning a BSN degree definitely creates a lot more opportunities for the nurses. These nurses can expect to have better positions in their workplaces including healthcare units, nursing institutions, hospitals, as well as in private practices.


The basic requirement for an online RN to BSN degree program is high school diploma. In the case of RNs, however, this will not be necessary as they will have completed high school education along with the associate’s nursing degree.

There are a lot of accelerated nursing degree programs available these days as well, which allow registered nurses to quickly get their degree and go back to their jobs full time. Indeed, the availability of online RN to BSN degree programs has made it possible and much easier for these nurses to advance their education, hence their careers.

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