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After spending the last 3 years evaluating Natural Health Schools and other multiple other degree online programs here are my opinions.

In this Natural Health Schools Review, I’m going to speak about three online colleges that offer holistic courses and what you should be looking for in a naturopathic college. The accredited online colleges are:

* Clayton College of Natural Health

* Global College of Natural Medicine

* The Natural Healing College

Clayton College ” Is a Natural Health School that offers a range of holistic courses, but they live in the stone age, and still require you to mail in your tests, which can be very frustrating, and quite time consuming because you will have to waste time waiting for them to mail your tests results back….Their Online Programs will also cost you an arm and a leg. They also do not help you land a job and have ZEO holistic internship program.

Global College of Holistic Medicine ” They don?t offer Bad Science because they do offer a narrow range of holistic courses, but, they too require you to mail in your tests, which can be painful and take a lot of time. Because you?ll be forced to wait for them to mail your Natural Healing tests results back….Their Herbal courses are quite pricy. The Global College of Natural Medicine will NOT help you get a job after graduation and have do not have an internship program.

Natural Healing College -They offer a large range of holistic courses, but they DO NOT require you to mail in your tests, your tests results are Instant which means you can complete your online degree fast.. The Natural Healing College courses are also about 1/2 the price of Clayton State University & the other distant education schools…in addition, their courses are probably the best on the planet and they give you everything you need to get started… they are also working with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation

After your Graduation from the Natural Healing College they will help you establish a valuable Internship and will assist you in obtaining employment, or Careers Natural Medicine.

In my opinion and 100s of hours of research your number one choice for online universities is the Natural Healing College. Not Clayton State University. They seem to be still in the Stone Age with technology.

Earn an Online Degree Fast with the Natural Healing College Become a Holistic Health Practitioner a great alternative to the Global College of Natural Medicine Of Natural Health

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