Making A Decision Whether To Take A Field Of Specialization


Until a few decades ago, with shortage of manpower resources, people with general background and skill sets used to be accepted for all the jobs. But times have changed. The job market has become more specialized now with emphasis on educational qualification and required skill sets to match the job role and requirement. Therefore candidates would now have to equip themselves with specialized training and education to be considered for good positions.

Addiction treatment industry is one where competition is very high. Though they do hire people in large numbers, they are very cost conscious when it comes to the manpower costs.

Quite a few treatment centers place higher emphasis on people who have been addicts earlier and have cured themselves. The centers believe that these people can understand the customer’s needs and respond better than the others. But then does it mean that these people fit the bill in terms of other requirements and qualifications? Not necessarily.

Those who have been former addicts would have seen bad days of living on streets and the harsh life. They would have also undergone the extensive rehabilitation and de addiction program, which gives them sufficient education on the topic. They can effectively utilize this, along with hard work to make a successful career for themselves. The rehab centers believe so and hence prefer hiring such candidates.

Those who have been addicts may not have the required financial strength to educate themselves. Though basic education may not be very expensive, higher and specialized courses do cost quite a bit. Most of them would have lost all their money and assets to their addiction and hence cannot pursue specialized education.

As a part of post addiction rehab, most of the states have special programs and courses designed for such former addicts. These may be free of cost or funded by the government with a view to help there build their lives and prepare them to find suitable jobs. Such training can help these guys equip themselves with the required qualification and skill sets.

So it is worthwhile to consider taking up one or two years of studies to specialize in this field and take up a rewarding career with the fast growing de addiction industry. Your education may not cost you a lot but will pay you quite well and more importantly your job satisfaction can be high.

Check out various options online before you choose one that suits you the best. Industry overview as well as the future prospects are important things you should check out before you make the decision.

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