What Does A Health Administration Major Do?


Healthcare administration is such a broad field that it is sometimes difficult to enumerate what areas are covered by it. But in general, the tasks and responsibilities of health administrators are dependent upon the size and kind of facility they are employed in. In larger medical facilities, like major hospitals, there are several levels of administrators needed. One of these officers will be in charge of making the plans and coming up with the final decisions. This officer also would report to the board of directors for any update. Meanwhile, in smaller facilities, generalists are required to supervise the different aspects of operation.

Health administrators in large healthcare facilities are usually the ones to make the policies and procedures for the organization. They consult with the physicians regarding this before they focus on the implementation of such policies. On the other hand, these administrators are hired in smaller facilities to manage the daily operations of the facility. Here, the decisions and policies are made by the doctors.

Health administrators can also take various management positions. As such, they are expected to solve problems, supervise people, and even make important decisions right away. In general, the success of a healthcare administrator depends on his or her ability to deal and work with people and other staff. They will need to regularly meet patients, physicians, community members, nurses, and other organizational staff.

Some of the entry level administrative positions available for health administrators are accountants, health provider representatives, project managers, project consultants, operating assistants, and marketing assistants. Meanwhile, the mid-level positions are controllers, contract negotiators, ambulatory care managers, case managers, and marketing directors. And for the senior level positions, there will be the chief operating officers, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, vice presidents, and senior vice presidents.

In terms of salary, there is no doubt that healthcare administrators can make a relatively huge income. They must, however, be able to tolerate hectic and difficult work schedules. As a lot of healthcare services and facilities are available round the clock, like hospitals and clinics, health administrators should also be ready to be called upon anytime.

As stated in detail previously, you would think that it could be a tough profession to be a health administrator. Considering the duties and responsibilities that come with the position, this is true. But if you are looking for a rewarding and profitable career, being a health administrator is definitely something you should seriously consider.

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