What Are The Steps In Becoming A Library Technician?


What Does A Library Technician Do?

Library technicians are responsible for assisting patrons in finding the resources they need as well as helping librarians with their duties. A library technician may help in organizing and preparing various library materials. In terms of the requirements for this job, several libraries require applicants to have even just a high school diploma. But of course, most employers give preference to those who have completed an associate degree or certificate program in library technology.

Steps in Becoming a Library Technician

Step 1: Determine Your Education Path

There are various educational levels that may lead to a career in library technology. You can simply use your high school diploma, or you may as well earn a specialized undergraduate degree. While you can get a chance to work as a library technician with your high school diploma, it is always preferable that you earn a certificate or better yet an associate’s degree.

Step 2: Earn a Certificate in Library Science

Those who have completed a certificate program in library science are qualified for any entry-level job in libraries. Through a certificate program, students acquire various techniques and skills necessary for them to qualify for jobs in a library setting. It is also advisable for an aspiring library technician to develop outstanding computer skills. This can be a valuable asset as library technicians nowadays frequently work with computers to manage the database of collections in the library.

Step 3: Earn an Associate Degree in Library Science

Associate’s degree programs in library science are typically offered in universities and colleges. But there are also several schools that offer this degree through their distance education program. It usually takes two full academic years to complete this program. Students enrolled in an associate’s degree program are trained and equipped with the more advanced skills needed to work as a library technician. This gives them a huge advantage over those applicants who have only obtained a certificate in this field. Associate degree programs in library technology involve courses in automated library systems, cataloging and circulation.

In order for you to be eligible for higher library technician positions, you may consider pursuing additional training or education. There are professional groups that offer workshops and continuing education classes which typically cover the most modern and advanced library software and databases. Having this kind of education and training is certainly valuable and can surely make you competitive in the job market.


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