What Are The Requirements And Duties Of A Library Technical Assistant?


A library technical assistant is the one that assists head librarians through performing a variety of daily tasks concerning library equipment, materials and visitors. In terms of the requirements to have this job, there are some employers who only require applicants to have a high school diploma or an equivalent GED score, whereas the others prefer applicants who have either an associate degree or certificate in any related field.

Job Description for Library Technical Assistants

There are a lot of ways that a library technical assistant may help the chief librarian. Oftentimes, the tasks involve specialized responsibilities, which makes it sensible that they may be called more than a mere library assistant. As a matter of fact, they may also be assigned to supervise other library staff, like volunteers and library assistants.

In general, library technical assistants help school teachers and students look for resources, databases and library equipment. They may also have to use the computerized system in the library in order to checkout as well as return periodicals and books. Other duties performed by library technical assistants include processing, ordering and keeping machines, new media and periodicals.

Job Requirements

While most of the libraries employ those with an educational background in this field, many libraries also prefer applicants with some experience working in a related field. For instance, jobs that do not require postsecondary work basically require at least two years of library experience or experience in hands-on computer.

If you are looking to earn an undergraduate degree, you may choose among courses in the liberal arts as well as subjects connected to libraries. The classes in a certificate program include library technical service, library resources, library management, audio-visual equipment and library services for children.

Another undergraduate degree program you may consider is the Associate of Applied Science in Library and Information Technology, which may contain very similar introductory courses to the ones included in certificate programs.

Meanwhile, an associate’s degree generally requires more credits compared to a certificate program, which would normally include electives. The general education requirements typically cover social sciences, communication, math, fine arts, and sciences.

There are a few universities nowadays that offer online library technical assistant courses as well. This is a perfect opportunity for those seeking to further their educational attainment and careers but cannot find the time to go to a regular university. You may take advantage of this educational setup and benefit from the fact that you can easily take the classes and lessons at your own pace.

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