Looking Into The Working Conditions And Salary Of Creative Writing


Other may find it boring but creative writers love the fact that in their line of work, they have a lot of time to spend by themselves. More often than not, you would find them in libraries doing research or they could also spend a lot of time surfing the internet to find useful information and inspiration for their work. Every time they may have completed their work, you will see them busy making contact with publishers and agents. Freelance writers, on the other hand, can choose when they will work. They are free from deadlines, long work hours, and mean publishers who are very skeptical of writers’ works.

Employment and Career Advancement

Creative writers may choose to market and publish their work on their own, or they may also get an agent to do the submitting of all their work to publishing firms. It is very common also for creative writers to have other jobs or hold some other positions in other fields, just so that they could maintain a stable flow of income.

Magazine writers can work as freelancers or content contributors, or they may be employed as a writer for regional, national or specialty publications. Freelance writers may market one particular article to a number of magazines and other publications, but of course this would require that they have great negotiation skills along with an excellent knowledge on copyright laws.

Salary of Creative Writers

Creative writing is not always seen as a lucrative job. This is especially true if you look into the number of hours that a writer has to spend on a particular novel or story before they could actually get any amount from them. As a matter of fact, there is never any assurance of income for creative writers. As a result, it has become customary for writers to do writing as a means of getting extra income.

Many writers also work as teachers, editors, voice-over artists, and other related jobs. This is proof that by relying solely on their literary work, writers wouldn’t have enough to get by. There are many writers who also apply for different grants and financial assistance from certain arts organizations and even the government.

Freelance writers, on the other hand, need to abide by the rates set by various unions for writers. They would often negotiate their fees, but still they need to observe the limits they are allowed. Normally, freelancers are paid on a per hour basis, by word, or even a flat rate. In general also, freelance writers get paid on a split-fee scheme – 30% in advance, 30% upon the completion of the first draft, and the rest after completion.

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