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What factors are responsible for success in language learning? If you learn English or any other language you can boost your progress by learning in specific way. According to the research most English students struggle and fail because of psychology, not because of methods, not because of teachers.

Those things are important, but Tony Robbins talks about the fact that psychology is 80% of success. Psychology is 80% of success, so 20% are the methods you use to study, the schools you go to, the teachers you have, the books you use. Those are important,but the other 80% is psychology, your motivation, your emotions, how you manage your time. All of these things are in fact much, much more important.

Enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic students always learn much faster and succeed. Students with the negative mentality have low motivation. They tend to be pessimistic and feel that they were not good at English. They think that English is very difficult. Therefore, they struggle, they quit, and finally they fail.

That’s why is so important to manage your emotions. In order to be successful you must develop a strong and enthusiastic attitude towards English. You must be strong and determined so you can reach your goals and succeed. This psychologic side of learning process is called Non-Linguistic factors by English teachers and researchers.

According to Dr. Stephen Krashen one of the best language learning specialists, non-linguistic factors are equally or more important than linguistic factors. Things like your emotions, things like your peer group, the community that you belong to, your feelings about English determine how easily you can acquire English.

You need to create a ritual to manage your emotions and learn the language faster. This ritual will help you feel better, improve your motivation and accelerate your learning process. Every morning after waking up you must get into peak emotional state. In this state, you will get a boost of energy that make you feel great.

How to get into peak emotional state? It’s quite simple. You can turn on your favorite music. Then move your body with the music, smile and shout. When you do this for about 5 minutes you will feel energized. Now is time to start learning English.

Another important point. You want to move your body while you’re listening to the lessons. This will keep your energy high. Hence most traditional schools are not successful in language teaching because you must learn there sitting still all the time.

When you follow my advice you boost your chances to become a successful English speaker. Try to use audio lessons as often as you can. You can go for a walk with your iPod and listen to your lessons. In this way, you learn English and exercise your body at the same time. Combination of movement and right learning method is the recipe for success in English learning.

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