Why Are Criminal Justice Degree Courses So Popular?


Some people usually relate criminal justice degrees to a criminologist or crime scene investigator only. However, criminal justice is actually a very wide educational discipline and includes a wide range of specialized fields as well. Despite the stress and risks of being a law enforcer and law practitioner, many people still take criminal justice degree courses because of the very high demand for criminal justice professionals. Growing population, economic crisis and increasing crime rates are just some of the common reasons why demands for criminal justice professionals are growing every year making degree courses in criminal justice popular and in demand as well.

Population growth can bring progress to a certain country but in order to properly handle and manage the growing population, a state or country should also provide sufficient security and legal services to its people. One way to effectively do this is by hiring the sufficient number of law enforcers and criminal justice professionals to properly manage the increasing population and maintain peace in the society.

Growing economies and cities can also contribute to the increasing demand for criminal justice professionals. The establishment of more businesses, companies and organizations in communities and cities may increase the demand for law enforcers since these businesses, corporations and organizations will need security guards, lawyers and police officers to protect them, their properties, their business and the community they belong. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the US, the demand for criminal justice professionals may increase to 14 – 2-% from the year 2008 to 2018.

The evolution of computers and internet technology had provided great benefits and changes to human behaviors. Due to the internet and electronic gadgets, millions of people around the world can now communicate, socialize, interact and share information with just a few clicks on their computer or mobile phone. However, these technological evolutions also brought negative things like invasion of privacy, identity theft, and cybercrimes. According to a recent study conducted in the US, one of the most in demand degrees today is Cybersecurity Degree.

Too much dependence on the internet and the growing population of internet users also resulted to growing cyber threats and cybercrimes. Government agencies and private institutions will need more cybersecurity experts and professionals in the coming years to fight cybercrimes. Other professions that continue to grow making criminal justice degrees very popular are Paralegal Degrees, Court Reporting Degrees, Corrections Degrees and Security Management Degrees.

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