Looking At The Trends And Careers In The Field Of Criminal Justice


There has been a continuous rise in people’s concern about the occurrence of crimes as well as the ways of preventing crimes. This was highlighted by the many events and threats of terrorist attacks over the years. The public is also expressing more desire for the government to come up with much stricter laws and punishment for convicted felons. All these things are the reasons why there are now more demand and job opportunities for criminal justice majors. And it has been predicted that this trend will continue for many years ahead, making criminal justice a good option to consider when choosing a degree program to take up.

When it comes to job openings in this field, there are a lot of them in the sector of law enforcement officers. But it should be noted also that the level of competition in this career field has become even fiercer because of the enormous benefits and handsome salaries being offered to prospective law enforcers. This is particularly true in the federal and state level. And so, it is said that newcomers and inexperienced law enforcers had better start their career in the local level, where the competition is less.

While a degree in criminal justice is not mandatory for those who want to belong to a local or county police force, having one will definitely help in increasing a person’s chances of being promoted quickly. There are various rankings in most of the police departments around. The variety of these rankings would normally depend on the size of the police department itself. Typically, the positions or rankings held by police officers are: chief, captain, lieutenant, sergeant, and corporal. For larger police departments, there would be some extra spots: Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units, harbor patrols, and canine patrols among others.

If you choose to serve in the state level, you will belong to a group generally referred to as troopers. In comparison to law enforcers in the city level, they have the same job and responsibilities. The difference is that they will be spending much of their time enforcing traffic laws in interstate and state highways. In some occasions, they will also be needed to respond to some emergency situations as well as to help local governments when necessary. There are troopers also that are trained to offer security and protection for criminal courts, and some are even employed as investigators.

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