How Do You Become A Solicitor?


Do you want to become a solicitor? A solicitor is a qualified legal adviser that can work for a private company or for the public sector. This is a great career to pursue. However, do not be quick to believe what you see in the media. A solicitor’s life is not glamorous and not as dramatic as portrayed. The reality is the being a legal adviser is an intense job. It requires long-hours of work and it can be very stressful. Nonetheless, being a solicitor is greatly rewarding.

How Do You Become A Solicitor?

  • Entering this career is challenging and competitive. Not everyone who wishes to become a solicitor can freely apply for the degree program. Law degree programs are very strict when it comes to qualifications.
  • If you graduate from your undergraduate degree with high grades and ratio of 2:1 honors degree, then you have a change to get it. Your bachelor’s degree will take 4 years to complete while your law degree will take around 4-6 years to complete.
  • Once you complete your degree, there is one more hurdle standing in your way and that is the board exams. Lawyers have to pass this exam in order to practice their professions legally.

How Do You Start Working As A Solicitor?

  • Those non-law degree holders still have a shot at becoming a solicitor. They have to take the Graduate diploma in Law course and the Common Profession Examination. Another route to take is to enter the Institute of Legal Executives.
  • Law graduates should also take the Legal Practice Course. Full-time students can get this done within a year while part-time students can complete it within 2-3 years.
  • After all this, you can start working for a private company, client or public sector.

As a solicitor, you provide legal aid or counsel to your client. The cases you will take will highly depend on you. Solicitors can offer services ranging from probates, wills, litigation, property ownership, tenancy and matrimonial legal affairs. This means that you have to be used to multitasking. There are so many things to do once you accept a case. You have to gather documents like surveys, police reports, medical reports and other documentary evidence. You have to analyze all the pieces of information to build a strong case.

As a solicitor, you need excellent communication skills too. You have to communicate with your client properly. Negotiating with the other party’s lawyer is your job too so your interpersonal skills should be something you must work on.

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