Challenging Yet Very Honorable Jobs For Criminal Justice Majors


Aside from pursuing a degree in law to become either a lawyer or a judge, there are many career options available to criminal justice majors. These career opportunities are provided by the court systems. By earning a degree in criminal justice, one can establish a career as pretrial officers, court counselors, bailiffs, or victim services counselors.

There are other jobs available in correctional facilities which are operated by federal and state governments. Some of the common correctional jobs provided by state systems include facilities specialists, substance abuse specialists, caseworkers, clinical psychologists, wardens, parole officers, juvenile probation officers, correction counselors, and correctional treatment specialists.

If you are planning to work in the federal system level, there are various positions you can take, but these would require you to have some sort of specialization and skills. Some of the high profile departments you may consider are:

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION – this agency is more commonly known as the FBI. Agents are hired by the FBI to collect evidences of cases of espionage, investigate crimes, look into records for evidence for some white-collar crimes, take undercover tasks, and monitor movement of properties stolen.

DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY – the DEA has the responsibility of enforcing laws and regulations related to illegal substances or drugs. As a DEA agent, you will be tasked to investigate US drug related activities offshore, conduct surveillance of drug activities, and to infiltrate a group of suspected drug traffickers.

US MARSHALS – they are the officers who are engaged in almost all federal law enforcement assignments. It is also under their authority to pursue federal fugitives. They are also in charge of transporting federal prisoners.

IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICES – immigration agents, immigration inspectors, and border agents are the ones responsible for protecting around 8,000 miles of US border against illegal entry. What they do is patrol the borders and inspect the passports of whoever is trying to enter the US. In some instances, they are also assigned to detect and pursue illegal smuggling of illegal drugs.

U.S. CUSTOMS – inspectors in the customs department are the ones who look into the incoming baggage and cargo from vessels, aircrafts, vehicles, and trains. Their main assignment is to prevent the illegal entry of any kind of contraband.

Aside from the federal departments stated above, there are some other agencies that offer career opportunities for those with a degree in criminal justice. They are the Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Law Enforcement, Postal Service, National Park Service, Forest Service, Department of State, and the Secret Service.

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