Job Opportunities For Information Technology Graduates


In a world where people cannot live without the use of technology, pursuing a career in information technology is a great idea. People who work in the field of information technology are generously paid because of the demand for information technology professionals. These people are the most updated and skilled with the processes in the world of information technology. Although the salary will still depend on the type of job, most careers in IT is accompanied with a hefty paycheck.

Many factors affect the earning potential of an information technology graduate. For instance, if you are a bachelor’s degree holder, you will earn higher than those who hold certificates only. Fresh graduates will earn less than those with years of experience will. IT graduates working in the main business district will earn more than those working in rural areas will. Experience, educational attainment and location are important factors in increasing salaries.

Job Opportunities In The Field Of Information Technology

  • Computer Programmer

Computer programmers work with software engineers. They work together to develop codes that only a computer can understand. The job of computer programmers is to write instructions through computer language, which is called C and C+. These codes are what make the computer operate. With years of experience, a computer programmer becomes a software engineer and can start developing his own programs. The median annual salary for computer programmers is $69, 629.

  • Computer Software Engineer

Computer Software Engineers have similar tasks as programmers. They work to help the proper functioning and operating of computers. Instead of writing instructions through codes, computer software engineers develop programs or software that the computer reads.  A computer software engineer can be an application engineer that designs individual programs or a system engineer that synchronizes software systems together. The median annual salary for computer software engineers is $85, 430.

  • Information Technology Security

Information technology professionals who work in IT security is focused on issues like cyber-crimes. These professionals mostly work for federal or state agencies or they can also be investigators. IT graduates who choose to work in this field will learn how to detect, prevent, battle cyber-crime and catch perpetrators. The median annual salary is $66,310.

As you can see, you have great career opportunities waiting for you once you graduate with a degree in Information Technology. If you want to boost your career, pursuing a master’s degree and specializing on a specific field will increase your earning potential.

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