Is An Advanced Degree A Must To Work As A Web Developer?


When the internet was introduced and website development was still in its early days, not much formal training was required to become a professional web developer. There were just a few talented website developers back then, so companies could only choose among candidates who have basic computer knowledge and some skills in HTML.

Formal training was also not a necessity simply because no formal education and training were available to students. But today, the employment landscape has become so competitive already that employers prefer to hire applicants with college degrees as they are the ones who would likely possess better skill sets and knowledge to their work.

Normally, it is enough to have a bachelor’s degree to have a job as a web developer. Even those who have earned a bachelor’s degree in a different field can still pursue a career in web development as long as they get an associate or certificate degree in website development. Most average employers do not demand advanced degrees, but for those companies that offer management level positions, only employees with advanced degrees can be qualified.

What Can You Do With A Web Development Degree?

More often than not, employers prefer job applicants who have broad experience in web development. Upon graduation in college, a web developer may initially work in a small firm and be responsible for various web development and web design tasks. But you have to know that even entry level web developing jobs come with great salaries that are more than the average for other jobs. Starting in smaller firms is a great way of getting the experience needed for career advancement.

It would also be to the advantage of a web developing student to take part in any part time job or internship programs just to gain some experience. Students should realize that computer systems vary in so many ways, and so it is important that continuous exposure to various systems be given to the students. There are also some nonprofit firms out there that students may work for, or they could also develop sites on their own.

The best thing about earning a degree in web development is the fact that all industries are in need of web developers these days. This is mainly due to the growing significance of internet and all web systems. By having adequate knowledge and expertise in web development principles, there is definitely a lot of potential for web development majors.

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